Judging Process

The awards are judged by an independent international panel, carefully selected and vetted to ensure no conflict of interests. Judges are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the purpose of judging the awards

Our panel will be comprised of around 35 international judges from a diverse range of notable industry experts from around the globe.

Judges will follow set criteria that are available for you to download to mark entries.

All judges are subsequently invited to a judging day where scores are combined with each judge challenged transparently by peers.  Results are debated and confirmed and a Bronze, Silver and Gold winner awarded.

Judges do not judge every category, usually 3 or 4 are carefully allocated. They do not have access to the other entries and like you will discover the winners during the ceremony.

Judge Considerations

In addition to individual category criteria, judges will consider the following overarching factors when scoring your entries:

  • How unique is the activity?
  • How innovative is the activity?
  • How creative is the execution?
  • How did teams work together?
  • Does the entry push our industry boundaries?

Rules of Entry

  • Submissions must be made by the final deadline to qualify
  • Use of illegal media or practices within submissions will lead to disqualification
  • Entries should follow local guidance on disclosure
  • If deemed appropriate, judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries into another category
  • Due to high demand, we are unable to guarantee feedback on entries
  • Entrants accept that information which is not marked ‘Judges Eyes Only’ has the right to be published before or after the ceremony
  • The work has been carried out within the activity period defined in the entry kit
  • The judge’s decision is final

Commercial Confidence

We will require entrants to supply objectives and campaign results (including ROI when appropriate) as our judges will not be able to measure the campaign’s success with it, which may cause entrants to lose easily gained marks.

Due to the sensitivity of this information, all judges are required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Any sensitive information must be marked for ‘Judges Eyes Only’.

Once the application period has passed, we will complete checks on all judges to ensure there are no issues for both the entrant’s reputation and peace of mind.

If for any reason you wish to withdraw an entry you can do so prior to the final deadline.

For all questions regarding commercial confidence, please contact the events team on +44(0)117 990 2910.

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