Best Micro-Influencer Campaign

About the Award

Judges will recognize excellence in the execution of nano or micro-influencer campaigns that effectively leverage the unique strengths of smaller-scale influencers.

The winning campaign will demonstrate a smart and thoughtful approach to utilizing micro-influencers, emphasizing creativity and innovation in reaching a targeted audience. Judges will look for campaigns that successfully integrate the distinctive characteristics of micro-influencers to achieve outstanding results.

Entry Guidance: The campaign could be a one-time event or an ongoing initiative, with a focus on the effective utilization of micro-influencers to enhance brand visibility and engagement.


2024 Finalists

  • Arla’s TikTok Takeover: Spreading Dairy Joy One Good Deed at a Time

    By: Nine Agency
  • Mitchum – Moments That Matter

    By: Buttermilk
  • How Duel scaled reach and revenue for Mint Velvet

    By: Duel
  • impact.com & Ellos: From micro-influencers to macro results

    By: impact.com
  • ROAR Organic: Drink Out Loud

    By: The Shelf
  • Colgate-Palmolive – Introducing a Million Smiles – Ogilvy Malaysia

    By: Ogilvy Influence
  • From Social Buzz to Streaming TV: Frito-Lay, Amazon & Popular Pays’ FLVR Fusion

    By: Popular Pays
  • How a South African retailer connected with younger audiences through micro-influencers

    By: Ogilvy South Africa
  • Establishing Tinder as the companion to student’s self-discovery through dating.

    By: Raptor Marketing