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Entry Criteria

Who Can Enter?

We welcome entries from around the world. And they are open to anyone in the influencer marketing/content ecosystem who can demonstrate that they add value to brands or the ecosystem itself. This includes Agencies, Brands (Advertisers), Publishers, Influencers, Content Creators, Technology companies etc.

Entries may be made directly by the company or via an authorised agent such as their agency, technology partner or PR agency.

Entries may be submitted for multiple categories – there will be a charge for each entry submitted. Please use the correct entry template for each category.


Please remember the bulk of the work must have been carried out in the 12 months leading up to the entry deadline of 18 January 2019.

Entry Rules

  • All submissions must be submitted online
  • Submissions must be received by the final deadline to qualify
  • Entries that go beyond two pages of A4 will be disqualified
  • Do not use a font size smaller than 8 point
  • Entries that include the use of illegal media or practices will be disqualified
  • Judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries into another category if deemed appropriate
  • We are unable to offer feedback on specific entries
  • Entrants accept that any information provided that has not been marked ‘Judges Eyes Only’ may be published during or after the awards ceremony
  • The judges' decisions are final
  • The bulk of the work must have been carried out in the 12 months leading up to the entry deadline of Wednesday 23 January.

Templates Available

We have created a set of entry templates to use. These are not mandatory but they are recommended to avoid making a mistake. You must follow the criteria set by them and answer each section in full.

There is a bespoke entry template for each category. Please ensure you are using the correct one as judging criteria differs for certain awards. If you wish to design your own template this is accepted but your entry cannot be more than two pages A4.

Withdrawing an Entry

Entries can be withdrawn up until 19 January 2019 and up until that point will be eligible for a full refund. Past that date entries will be able to be withdrawn but the entry fee will be non-refundable.

Commercial Confidence

It is very important that you provide objectives and campaign results (including ROI when appropriate), without these the judges cannot measure the success of your campaign and you may lose out on points otherwise easily gained.

We understand that this information is of a sensitive nature and therefore all judges will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Any sensitive information should be marked ‘Judges Eyes Only’ and highlighted in yellow.

Once the application process has been completed all judges are cross-referenced for conflicts before judging commences and any issues, no matter how small will be taken seriously both for our reputation and your peace of mind.

If you have any questions regarding commercial confidence please call Matthew Wood on +44 117 990 2940.

Sponsors & Partners

Dates for your calendar

  • 11.09.18 Entries open
  • 11.01.19 Earlybird entries closed
  • 21.01.19 Final entry deadline
  • 21.02.19 Shortlist announced

  • 26.03.19 Awards ceremony

Industry testimonial

“The IMA's seek to reward and recognize brilliant campaigns, delivered creatively and transparently – We can't wait to get started! ”

Matthew Wood, Founder
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