Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency

About the Award

Open to agencies with more than 20 employees that can demonstrate they have a firm grasp of influencer marketing and the creator economy.

Judges will be looking for competent end-to-end campaign management for clients, from concept stage through to utilisation of tools, creative thinking and meaningful data insights to deliver exceptional campaigns.

Entry Guidance: The total number of employees at the agency needs to be greater than 20.

2024 Finalists

  • Media Bodies: Data-first Influencer Strategy, People-first Approach.

    By: Media Bodies
  • IZEA: We Are Influencer Marketing

    By: IZEA
  • BeInfluence Europe, we’re Pirates 🏴‍☠️

    By: BeInfluence Europe
  • The Goat Agency: Establishing influencer as the decade’s most powerful media channel

    By: The Goat Agency
  • SEEN Connects

    By: SEEN Connects
  • Whalar – Liberating The Creative Voice

    By: Whalar
  • Collectively

    By: Collectively
  • Digital Voices – Global Influencer Marketing Agency

    By: Digital Voices
  • Billion Dollar Boy

    By: Billion Dollar Boy
  • Ogilvy’s Global Influence Network

    By: Ogilvy Influence